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What excellent examples in CAD of low drag coefficient pickup trucks exist that are available on the internet? Answered

Vehicles have been designed to minimize the aerodynamic drag with notable success. Production candidate vehicles (such as Aptera, Twike, and Honda Insight) achieving drag coefficients of 0.25 down to 0.11. Solar Challenge vehicles have reached 0.07. Nose cone and fastback upper and sealed or faired lower body designs can achieve significant reductions in drag, and are worth attention. I am attempting to optimize a design for pickup trucks and cross-over utility (CUV) vehicles that are based on the same basic chassis design. Can anyone contribute designs, examples, or sources of information on optimized pickup design? BTW, I am simultaneously searching for a safe design that has the vehicle center of gravity at or below the axle height, as it should be to prevent roll-over accidents. Risk of injury and death are significantly higher in pickup trucks and CUVs than cars, and now pickups and CUVs account for more than 50% of new vehicle sales. This tragic fact needs to be reversed with safer design.


Uhm. If I was trying to do this, pickup truck wouldn't be my choice of vehicle to start with. Pickups are generally among the least aerodynamic objects out there. Replacing the tailgate with netting, so at least some air flows through it, helps. Putting a suitable cap on it probably helps more. Putting a cap on it and then reshaping nose and tail would help more. Lowering it to the ground would help. In other words, by the time you're done with it, it isn't a pickup. And still probably has lousy milage compared to a more reasonably designed vehicle.

I think that it is because these are among the least aerodynamic objects out there that rkh986 wants to do this. Of course it's as obvious to me as it is to you that, you're not going to end up with a pickup / CUV if you do the job effectively.


off topic: I want to aeromod my sunfire...wheel covers, teardrop body panels, low drag wipers, replace the rearview mirrors with cameras and lcds...

Got any ideas about how?
I saw someone's modified (to a giant coke-can) forward control Land Rover yesterday...


I figure I can manually heat form some polycarbonate/lexan/plexi into shapes I would deem aerodynamic... If buddy doubled his mileage on an '80s civic hatchback with just cardboard and duct tape - I can do it and look only reasonably silly :D

That might work, but you've got to be real careful with the heating. I guess that's why people tend to use fiberglass for custom aerodynamics on cheaper racers? L

fiberglass/carbon fiber is also an option.

Fibreglass is probably your best option, but I guess you need to build formers out of wood / ply or something? Carbon-fibre would be much cooler of course. L