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What flaws do you see with the arduino? Answered

What flaws do you see with the arduino and its "universe" (shields, modules, knockoffs, software &c)?

Although there are some that are quite apparent, such as the bizzare pin spacing, I'm sure there are some smaller issues that kept quiet.

I have nothing against the arduino, I think it's a wonderful little guy that's doing awesome things, and I'm really thankful it exists.



Price. I have a freeduino that I got for $28 shipped, but the bluetooth ones are ridiculously expensive and there is no bluetooth shield.

I think to make the PCB design for a Bluetooth Shield.

Ok,let's start with a Bluesmirf and go on from there.Then have a connector for standard USB via Bluetooth.


9 years ago

The 3.3V supply provided on Diecimila and later versions is "weak." The 9V supply is "highly variable" (not there at all when powered by USB, and anywhere from 7 to 12+V depending on wall-wart.) The hardware is getting to be also sorta "highly variable", what with clones and a new "official" board every year or so. Official boards now span a 4x range of program memory size, for example (ATmega8 (8k) to ATmega328 (32k)) I don't find the add pin spacing to be an issue. See "Connector Conspiracy."

no too cheap : ( could use a couple heavy duty transistors should be covered/encased in epoxy, so that whatever you do, you can't ruin it

Donuts...hey, I forgot all about that ebook...money...I found a penny! :( My usb hub is not usb 2.0 and is therefore slowing me down when I plug things into it. Why do I have so much old computer junk? Oh, right, I hate to throw things away. Plus it is kinda cool, this junk. I mean it's just awesome. Plus I don't know anyone else who can say they have the guts of a 386 just lying around waiting to be awesomeified, not that it needs any more awesomeifization. Oh, you meant related thoughts? ;-P

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. What you call flaws, others may call features. ;) . As has been pointed out by gmoon, no controller is perfect for every application. . If I were going to play with general-purpose uCs, an Arduino would be high on the list - if for no other reason than the huge user base and support. . . I can't tell for sure from the pic (plus I'm no expert even if I could), but those all look like standard connectors to me. It would only make it more expensive to manufacture if they used non-standard parts.


9 years ago

I dunno, aren't all those knock-offs and variations attempts to address specific limitations? (aren't those pretty standard header pin spacings?) Any "dev board" is gonna be great for some applications, lousy for others...