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What fun things can i do with a working air hockey table? Answered



Best Answer 9 years ago

May I recommend playing air hockey? It is the sport of kings, afterall.

Transform it to a large vacuum former! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_forming) I'm not sure if this would works, but if you could make the fan to suck instead of blow you might end up with a huge vacuum former. That would be a fun thing to do!

You could play an interesting variation on Beer Pong (or Beirut, whichever it actually is). There are plenty of websites with the rules of the game (some of which don't have to include alcohol). The air hockey table would be a nice twist, because the air coming up through the table would interfere with the trajectory of the ping-pong ball used in the game. If I was still in college and I had an air hockey table, I think I'd definitely give this a try.