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What glue is good for glass? Answered

I need to mend a very old glass lamp shade. I rescued the set of three from a derelict building. As they all need to be on the light fitting, and it is impossible to replace such and old thing, I have to find a way to mend the broken one..


A UV bonding glue is best, but it depends on the thickness of the glass.

A silicone based craft glue would work for what I think you are needing to do. Just make sure not to use E-6000 or any other photosensitive glues, as they will degrade with exposure to light.

just an idea but try windshield repair it should be a fairly invisible seam get it at an auto parts store or maybe walmart

I'm thinking of three things:

I think lead-ing this might be a good practical repair using traditional techniques, but it may not fit at all with the design of the shade.

Aquarium-sealant is quite sticky on glass but would probably look ugly.

Epoxy would be similar to the above.

I assume this needs a structural fix, can you post an image showing what's in need of repair?