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What gun should i build?

Does anyone know a good knex gun that is a challege to build?

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Killer~SafeCracker (author)2011-06-30

How much of a challenge something might be depends on how good with knex you are. Just search highest rated and you'll be sure to find something that you want to build.

okie dokie

KNEX GUN BIULDER (author)2011-09-30


superbestknex (author)2011-07-17

make a silenced shotgun out of knex like they did on sons of guns

naw you cant silence a knex gun

probaly not but it would be cool if someone could make a silencing mech for a knex gun

TheDunkis (author)superbestknex2011-09-24

I'm rather late, but technically a slingshot is about as silent as a gun can get. Assuming the trigger is smooth and not clunky, and that the band doesn't hit anything very hard after flinging the round, you'll only hear the air being pushed out of the way. And you can't fix that.

superbestknex (author)TheDunkis2011-09-24

oh thank you

sorry i forgot to specify to him and anyone reading this i meant ramrod gun

Eh, it's possible. A banded pin is relatively quiet compared to an unbanded pin. If you were to slow down the pin before it hit the back of the gun, it probably would be somewhat quiet.
Or, more true to what you guys are probably thinking of, you could make like a NAR mech where the pin hits a part inside the gun and the back never makes contact with the pin. Then the only sound is the hitting of the front against whatever transfers the power to the ammo. If this area is banded, it'd alter the sound enough. And then if you contained this inside a structure that suppresses the sound a bit, it'd be pretty quiet.

i guess i never thought abought that cool nice idea

yesit would be

KNEX GUN BIULDER (author)2011-09-22

build a pistol or a replica or an assult rifle

already done all 3