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What hinges do you recommend for a barrel cabinet door? Answered

I restored an old wine barrel and will use it as a kitchen island. I cut a door out of it, but am now stuck on what hinges to buy for it. does anyone have any suggestions on what hinges, and how to mount? The best I can think of right now is to mount inside hinges that flex out allowing clearance for the doors edge. But that seems bulky. Keep in mind that the barrel is rounded and so just straight mounting two simple cabinet hinges won't allow for the curvature and clearance. 

Any tips is really appreciated! 




Best Answer 5 years ago

I would use a concealed hinge of some type. My personal preference would be a Soss Hinge.

The Soss hinge is great, but since the barrel staves are curved, how can I mount both so that they don't flex towards each other and stop? Any idea?

Are you cutting the middle hoops ?
I'd get hinges mounted on the hoops.

I am cutting the middle rings. I never thought to mount them there. Hmm... thanks for the idea!

Google images for gate hinges and you will find many styles of hinge that can be curved, as suggested by knife141.

Use strap hinges on the outside, and hammer them into a curve to fit the barrel's curve.