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What in god's name is wrong with my head? Answered

Umm basically I was taking a poke through my computer and found photoshops and the like that make so little sense to me it's unreal, the sheep thing was in my uploads, I have no idea where I used it in 'ibles but I did... I mean these are things I've made for some reason but I have no idea why, ninja sheep, magic stickmen, bush-zilla...


The blinking one is bad for epileptics... it bothers me pretty bad.

that's true. You should take it out. It bothers me a bit, I can just imagine epileptics

I removed it, the flashing stickman running up the walls of his box

Well, in my case it is in good condition as long as it is triggered by whatever "hook" I hung that particular memory on, if you know what I mean...

i do, you'd think the all seeing thing would be more useful though...

....It feels like...Somebodys WATCHING me!!

BTW, my Avatar is an action one, if you go to my profile page you can "see it in action" LOL

Ive seen most of em. The coffe one. The hitting one. The yelling one. And this one

Ok, maybe I should change to "something completely different" then? :-)

Yeah, I'm keeping my GOOD eye on you LOL

What do you mean? I don't see anything wrong.

What's wrong is I should really know why one earth I made these things...

I didn't know Photoshop could animate gIFs. I have never used photoshop, though.

I do believe Irfanview can though I have never tried it for that....it plays the animations

You need imageready aswell, I'll do an 'ible later, I'm away out for a cycle now...

Hmmm, why? I gave examples of similar things others have done....not meaning to imply that you have something wrong but rather something in common with others ;-)

Oh less hurtful... I didn't pay heed to the images, well thank you for the reaffirment doctor I don't know what I'd do without you...

Doctor ? Of what ? Imbecility? :-) I would pass that test with flying colors, as it were.

If you start with your flying colours rubbish again... And give me back my white coat, i need that!

Well, I don't know about rubbish, I do know I see flying colors during a particular "projectile event" related to an upset stomach, but I was referring to my own imbecility....if you recall you referred to me as doctor :-)

The colors fly if I projectile ~~vomit~~ eject stomach contents....

Well, lets see...bile is greenish, and bleeding ulcers contribute red....all one needs is to eat summer squash to have the yellow and they are set (this conversation has degraded a bit, don't you think? LOL)

was it you, you weren't trying any of that wierd stuff with my coffee and senses again were you?

Here's a couple I have done. John Kong, Edgar Savage, Bushbot, and one made in paint called Mister Roboto (I need to redo it in paint.net.)

Democratic Kong.jpgEdgar Savage.jpgBushbot.gifunononln.JPG

If I redo it and it comes out really good, I want to sell it on CafePress (I already got Eric's permission)