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What in the world is this? Answered

I found a metal object. It is cone shaped with a handle.  The cone has something inside that you can turn (from the top) to scrap around the inside.  Measurements of the cone is about 3 inches across bottom and 3 inches tall.  The handle is about 4 inches in length.

If you turn the part that looks like a G it scraps the inside.

Thanks to anyone smart enough to know.



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Rick. I am so glad you even gave me a link.

ROFL and we used similar ones for candles, would have been too nice to let us grab some ice with them instead...

Amazing how something created for one purpose (ice cream) becomes used as a much different purpose (snuffer). Thank you to everyone!

Looks like you already know the answer, But to many people, It looks like a wonderful tool to be restored... :)

As the others said: to kill a candle.
We still had them in use when I was a kid doing the church stuff.
Once you are done with all the candles you turn the top a few times so the wax is removed from the inside.
Nicely restored yours would make a good collectors item.

@wold630 has me thinking candles so it looks like a tool you'd use to shape the top of a candle into a taper. The G makes me think it was used "upside down" so that would rule out a mixer and those blades look to flimsy to cut much more than wax.

It's also possible that something molten, perhaps wax, was poured in until it sets and then the top is twisted to break away the now solid material. I would bet against this being the use though.

My guess is an ice cream scoop, side scrapey thing to release the ice cream from the scoop.

Looks like a candle snuffer to me.