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What is 1 / 0 ? Answered

Here is tricky one try and answer it... 




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The 0 is symbolic (Arabic origin I believe), it represents nothing.
So you can say this is "illegal" in the sense that you haven't any quantity to divide 1 by.
Or you can think of the smallest number, what is 1/that? It's big. Zero isn't the smallest number, but it's a good approximation.

Infinity is a Mathematical-abstract like zero.


It's not tricky at all. The result is undefined (it could be +infinity or -infinity), since you have failed to specify from which side of zero you're taking the limit. And if you don't know what that means, then you need to finish your first year calculus course.

I knew what the answer was I wanted to see your guys opinion was

It's math. There are no opinions. Just lusers who waste people's time.

Yer you pretty much all got it the answer is infinite or illegal :P

It's also what's written on some switches, meaning ON or OFF

Undefined. It's an illegal operation.

Yep. It is an infinity, but _which_ infinity is unclear.

Or it's five characters including the space. Six including the question mark.

Or it's a guy looking at a one, with the question mark being his ear.

Or it's a bad Question. Strike that. AND it's a bad Question.

Sorry, seven characters including the space before the question mark. But I still think I'll go with the ear.

It's an infinite discontinuity



7 years ago

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Mathematically your question has no answer that makes sense although zero is a concept that is often used in maths

In a practical sense
If I take a pie and divided it by nothing, then in practical effect I am doing noting to it so it remains a whole pie.

What is 1/0*0 is an equally bad, but a funnier question. It can be 5 or 3 or 57...