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What is HDMA? Answered


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caarntedd (author)2011-07-17

Do you mean HDMI? High Definition Multimedia Interface.

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sanlee1990 (author)caarntedd2011-07-17
patriots8888 (author)sanlee19902011-07-17

Then it is what your T.V uses (usually)

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steveastrouk (author)2011-07-17

Horizontal Direct Memory Access ?

Its a sophisticated method of moving graphic data in a computer, bypassing the computer.

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lemonie (author)2011-07-17

Some kind of MethAmphetamine?


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iceng (author)2011-07-16

High Density mA electric current :-D

Don't believe in TV................. A

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Vyger (author)2011-07-16

You need to learn to use Google.

We Deliver Healthcare

The Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) is the national association representing primary healthcare distributors, the vital link in the healthcare system. Each business day, HDMA member companies ensure that more than nine million prescription medicines and healthcare products are delivered safely and efficiently to 164,000 pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and others nationwide. HDMA and its members work daily to provide value and contain costs, saving the nation’s healthcare system an estimated $32 billion per year.

An Affordable, Compact HD Video Playback Device

The HDMA-4100 unit is a compact, lightweight device that offers functions ranging from video content storage to playback. As such, any place with a television or PC monitor can be used as a screening location. The unit supports 1080i and 720p high-definition (HD) MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (H.264) video output, including native HDV.

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Acronym Definition
HDMA Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association
HDMA Healthcare Distribution Management Association (United States; formerly National Wholesale Druggists Association)
HDMA Hand Drawn Map Association (website)
HDMA House Dust Mite Allergen
HDMA Horizontal Direct Memory Access
HDMA High-Dose Megestrol Acetate

I am sure there are more.

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