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What is Telehack? Answered

What is Telehack?


Telehack is a website that was designed to show you what the internet looked like before the 90's, when everything appeared as a command line prompt.

I doubt it. Telehack is more of a "simulation" of the pre-90's internet. There are many hosts, files and things you can do there, but the reality of you being able to hack someone's computer with it, I think is extremely low.

Thank you for the good answers and quick reply. The Best Answer goes to you.

Can a person delete his or her account?

I didn't see anywhere that you can... If you made an account, I wouldn't worry about deleting it. Like I said the website is a simulation environment. The hosts are all virtual, and it allows users to play around like it was the 1980's. You don't actually have the ability to hack servers, accounts etc., so your computer is perfectly safe.