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What is This? Answered

I know what this is, but do you? If you think you know, just reply in a comment. (Sorry, you won't win anything ;( ) I look forward to seeing your guesses.


I'm guessing it's a long-exposure, and something went past flashing?

I'm pretty sure that is what it was. :D

Blue lights probably means a police car. Are any other vehicles allowed to use blue flashers?

No, only emergency vehicles can, but I'd say it's not a vehicle because it's not a level line.

I still dont have the answer to the question.


I'm going to go with a car with blue lights underneith (you know what I'm talking about) with their right blinker on

you are very close. think of some other transportation devices. (like ripstick)

You running back and forth with glowsticks.