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What is Your Nerdiest Shirt? (patches to all that post pictures!) Answered

We've donned our nerdshirts, now where are yours?

What got its start as free vendor t-shirts from tech companies has now evolved into a full blown geek-fest of one-upsmanship and subtle winks to those in-the-know.

How many days has Matt walked into work with a shirt I had to patiently wait all day for someone else to question? All of them.

Now Gizmodo asks "What is Your Nerdiest Shirt?"

Be it gaming, coding, comics or YouTube, there's a shirt to express every one of our inner (or not so inner) geekeries.

What are your faves? Let's see 'em!

Feeling left out? (I am!)
Scope the goods at xkcd and Penny Arcade for some clever ways to join the flashmob.

I totally need that poster with the map of the internet. I keep getting lost. . .


 Munchman's shirt is awesome!!! I want that one. I have a T-shirt from Google a couple of years ago that they were giving out at trade shows. It's in binary across the front and says GOOGLEKO - which is actually a blooper. It's supposed to say Google IO, so I told them about it, and the next year, they had a Lego shirt with a guy holding a glow-in-the-dark spray can; on the back in glow-in-the-dark is written "KO"
:) I'll try to get a pic of my shirt posted ASAP


8 years ago

You all have way cooler shirts than mine.


8 years ago

i invade Newyork :D


 lol,  that looks photoshoped/GIMPed

 its from the internet

Here it is!!
Matt showcases his soft math t-shirt (which everyone else just calls irritating), and I'm sporting a Dev Team shirt for the yet-to-be-released NaturalMotion game Backbreaker. shhh don't tell anyone! it's a seeeeecret. Get your sneak peek video HERE!!


I have fixed several wrongs in this picture.

Matt Pulse.jpg

I have fixed one additional item.


 that is a very good fix hard to see though

I'm a poser? I don't see what you each changed aside from Matt's gun!

I just made it plural so you would keep looking for ages XD

Am I a poser cause I'm wearing a Dev Team shirt and hardly know how to work a computer?

Awesome pose of course! Matt's pose was a bit lack luster, but now he has that pulse rifle its a lot more balanced. Tell him in future, when he is striking poses with guns he needs a pulse rifle.

Wait.. how come you ended up with the piddly little gun? You need like a rifle or something.. Every sci-fi ever, main guy gets kick ass big gun, while the girl gets either one or two handguns.

Apart from my instructables shirt (anyone else get annoyed when someone says "It's a robot") my nerdiest (and favourite) is the following
(sorry for the bad image quality, camera ran out of batteries, had to use phone)


its an IP address... not enough digits in it though, or at least not from my experience

 That is the I.P.  FOR LOCALHOST, OTHERWISE know as your home network is an IPv4 loopback IP address for localhost. It's pretty much just an IP address for the local computer.

The conected router is, the conected devices after that is 192.168.0.* (* being 2, 3, 4 and so on..). So - please tell me, how we get from 192 to 127?


Its a loopback address if you ping your pinging yourself. aka home

That's the implied reference. :)

LOL I have the same shirt. I saw it on Thinkgeek but locally there is an embroidery shop and they made it for about the same price but not inked, sewn. :)

Cool... I saw it on thinkgeek too, but bought it off ebay... thinkgeek is too expensive to ship to Australia.

So, I herd u leik COD4 :P, Gotta admit it guys, but this T-Shirt has crowned every other in here as yet Mahahahaha :D


very few pepole get this


Hahaha pretty good. I've always wondered how shadows are dark, but they don't attract energy via waves. Anybody know? I know dark colors attract more heat but why?