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What is a 2k2 resistor? Where can I get one? Answered

I'm working on a project and I have a schematic thhat calls for a 2k2 resistor. I have no idea what this is and where to get one... Help!


To give some more information on mh76dk's answer (which is 100% correct):

To shorten the length of values of resistors or capacitors etc. in schematics, the decimal separator is often replaces by the metric prefix and the unit is omitted completely as it is defined by the type of device. 

2200 Ohm = 2.2 kOhm -> 2k2
4700000 Ohm = 4.7 MOhm -> 4M7
4.7 nF -> 4n7
3.3 pF -> 3p3

Where to get it? Any place that sells resistors. Not sure about your country, but places like Radio Shack (if that is in your country) should have it - or you can try to mail order it.

Thank a lot for the question. And for the answers of course.

Read it as 2 point 2 kilo ohms. Its done like that because little decimal points . get lost in print.

A 2k2 resistor, is a 2.2K resistor, is a resistor with a resistance of 2.2*103 = 22*102 = 2200 ohms = 2200 Ω.  This particular resistor is easy to identify visually because it has three red stripes on it. 

The reason why it has three red stripes on it has to do with the resistor color code, and the fact that a red stripe means "2" in this code,  and 22*102 = 2200.

You can buy resistors wherever resistors are sold.  I think that still includes RadioShack(r), a word you included in your tag list,  but its hard to tell.  RS is a terrible company, and their selection of electronic components gets worse every year.  Although a resistor is a very cheap, and common, building block for electronic circuits.  A place like RS could not honestly claim have electronic parts in stock if they did not have resistors.

Wikipedia can tell you more about what a resistor is.  The second link is to the article explaining how to read the little colored stripes.


6 years ago

2k2 means 2200 (the K is for Kilo) so you need a 2200 ohms resistor (or for ease of future reading these numbers, 2.2kiloohms). Pretty much any place selling resistors will have it