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What is a clear gel-type thing that can be used (kind of like jello) to suspend objects? Answered

I want to make a counter display for a Halloween kitchen, using quart and gallon jars to 'store' ears, fingers, rats, etc.  It needs to be relatively cheap, and easy to find ingredients.  Non-toxic would be fantastic!  Thanks for any help.


If it's going to be temporary you can use clear gelatine that you can get from the grocery store.


Add more gelatine powder/leafs per unit water than it says in the recommendations to get a stiffer gel.

Any idea what the ratio would be? I have a three weekend event, and not much time to prepare/experiment.

Usually packages will list the method to prepare it. For a firmer gel you can try a bit less water but the regular instructions should be a good starting point. I'm not sure if gelatine or agar will survive for three weeks, you might have to make it specially for each event. Test it in advance.

just remember 2 things:
1- it smells kinda funky
2 - gelatine is made of animals. the vegan whos pen i suspended in the gelatine didn't find it very funny...

Gelatine can be made of animals but it can also be algae based. During the whole mad cow thing it became quite popular.

Temporary, yes. But the items to suspend are along the line of skeletons you see in the dollar stores (garland, dismantled), rubber bats, spiders, etc. Not really heavy stuff, but not light as a feather, either. And since the display is in a kitchen, where it is VERY hot just inches from where they will be, I'm afraid 'strong j**lo' (not sure if we can use brand names in here!) will hold up. The display will need to be out 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. minimum each night, for a total of 6 times.

First thing I thought of was clear Karo suryp. Don't know if it would be cheaper than gelatine but since your at the store take a look.