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What is a good color for a bathroom? My husband wants blue. I like the idea but dont. What do you guys suggest? Answered


White. Then you can make your accessories (towels, mats etc) any colour you like, changing the look of the room.

Oh yeah, one more thing - no sharp corners if you can possibly help it. It is so easy to slip on a wet floor that the vanity and counter edges really should be rounded.


6 years ago

A bathtub with a view.



6 years ago

Flat black. Then you can use it as a dark room during its idle time.

I have to wonder, why would anyone put a bathroom in a darkroom.

Both of you really need to get back on your meds. These internal conversations are confusing to the rest of us :-)

Lol im just asking a question :)

Actually though, Black with chrome fixtures and accents would be very striking.

Just a "few" pictures to give you some idea. Black and white and chrome.


Oh, that wasn't addressed to you (and you're asking a lot of questions, not just one :-) ). Look at the original post, and you'll see that user Vyger suggested "Flat black," then user Vyger replied to himself, questioning what he had just written. My "Both of you" was addressed to Vyger and himself.

Of course, now it's not humorous any more.

If you live near a Home Depot, they have a computer in their paint department where you can select various colors of paint and trim and it will show you a sample room. Other paint dealers probably have the same thing.

The other thing you can do is get some sample jars of paint and paint some test swatchs on the walls. I have found that warm colors look lighter on the wall than they did on the paint chip and cool colors look darker than they seemed on the paint chip.

The paints matched the actual color of the chips, it is just how the human eye & brain pereceive them. Someday I'll find a use for the 3 gallons of extra teal in assorted shades :-)

Go neutral with the tile & fixtures and whatever you want with the paint. Paint is easy to change.

I went with dark green on the bottom 3 feet of the wall and white above that in one bathroom. That way, it is still bright overall and you don't get green tones reflected on your skin in the mirror. I used a chair rail to split the colors, but a band of accent wallpaper would work, too.

I did use predominately blue in my son's bathroom as the backdrop for a mural.

Both look good (to me, anyway).


6 years ago

If you're looking to sell it soon, paint it a color that will appeal to potential buyers. Look through home and decorating magazines and see what is currently trendy, then go to a paint store and get a bunch of paint swatches.
Pick colors that accent the fixtures and decor or your bathroom. Lavender may be an attractive color but maybe not so much if you have mist green ceramic tile.

An earth tone. It may not be exciting but when company comes or it comes time to sell it won't put anyone off. Bright or over bearing colors often kill the deal.

I am not a designer, so maybe those who are have a different opinion, but A. It is your home, and you know what you want better than anyone else, and B. Without seeing it, I don't know what I would say. Also, this almost sounds like you are trying to get people to say "no it will not look good" so that you can use it against your husband's opinion, and I will not be a party to a difference of opinion that is between you and your husband. Like I said, I'm not a designer (unless you include networks), so maybe others on this site who may feel differently about it. This is just my opinion.

No no no no no i just want ideas, lol i like the blue idea of his i just want other ideas. Like for instance, different shades of blue. We are thinking of selling our house sometime soon so i want it to look sellable. I never make any sense, lol. I like my husbands idea.

Ahh... I understand. Blue seems fine to me, but again I'm not a designer (and technically I'm colorblind... Although it's mostly with reds and oranges).

One word of advice though, if you do go with blue, make sure to get the same safe of blue for everything. My parents have a blue bathroom, but they had to get a different shade of blue for the toilet. Even though it looked blue when they got it, it looks purple next to the rest of the bathroom. ;)