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What is a good way to cut vinyl records? ? Answered

I want to cut vinyl records in half (or a little less) to use in a sculpture. I want the records to remain flat - to avoid warping. Most of the suggesting I've seen on the internet involve heat, but warn about warping. I have basic equipment, and I'd like to avoid buying more for this project. Any suggestions?

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spikemtz (author)2012-10-16

Don't cut vinyl records in half! Unless you're cutting up old gospel records, which is somewhat of a horrible thing to say, but there are way too freakin' many of 'em! Dig through the records at your local Goodwill and you'll see what I mean!

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AngryGuy70 (author)2012-03-02

I once had this kid show up on a saturday where I worked with a couple of vinyl records. She wanted us to change the diameters and cut a square in the center. My boss being the great guy he was dropped this on my lap.

I ended sandwiching them between plywood and drilling the center bigger before cutting the square with one of these little one end hack saw holders. I did the same thing for the outside when I turned them in the lathe.

It was some sort of science project where they had to launch a car and have it turn in a specified arc. That's why they wanted different diameter wheels (records).

We thought we had done this nice thing to help this kid out. Until the next weekend when we had probably a half a dozen kids show up. That was fun...

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Burf (author)2012-02-29

Use a fine toothed hand saw, at least 22 teeth per inch. A good dovetail saw or backsaw will work for straight cuts, use a coping saw or jig saw set at a slower speed for curves.
Score the piece where you want the cut with a sharp Xacto knife or utility knife before cutting with the saw.

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canucksgirl (author)2012-02-29

I know that a crafting "hot knife" will work, but that involves buying something...
Beyond that, you could try warming the vinyl with a hairdryer before cutting with a saw (or something like a Dremel tool). I'm not sure how well that would work however, because those old records tend to break.

The only other thing I can suggest is "scoring" the vinyl several times with a glass cutting tool and a straight edge and see if you can't just break them in half like glass is cut.

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