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What is a good way to permanently affix a solid glass ball to a wooden cradle? Making a cosplay staff. Answered

Some time ago I found an interesting branch in my yard. It had grown with a cork screw like top and seemed perfect for something a wizard might carry. I've cleaned it, carved it, and dressed it up. However one thing that is missing is a topper for it. I have a solid crystal glass ball that I'd like to put atop it but I cannot for the life of me find a good working glue, cement, or other way of getting it to forever stay atop the staff. Any ideas?


Did you figure this out? I'm going to try shoe-goo. It's clear and very high-stick, so it might work.

Have you tried J-B weld?

try gorilla glue. it foams up as it cures and is super strong.
every bottle is made with 3 endangered gorillas so you know it works!

You could try to scuff up the part of the sphere that will contact the wood using sandpaper (for better adhesion), and then attach the two using epoxy.

Enough superglue will do the job. If it can hold furniture to the ceiling it should be able to do what you need.

Silicone glues bond well to glass.