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What is a group? Answered

Who makes them?
What do they add to the community?
When can they be made?
Where are the people that make them?
Why are they made?
How can I make one?

Seeing as this is a question about Instructables, what category would you put it in?



Best Answer 3 years ago

Groups are sort of like themed clubs, a way of gathering members, projects and discussions that have something in common (for instance).

There are a lot more groups in existence than appear on the Groups link, but they are in the middle of a (slow) rebranding/repurposing, and most of them have been moved into the background of the site's day-to-day

They used to be easy to make, but the concept was under-used and mis-used, hence the current lack of an option to create them.

However, if you have a really good idea for a group, or for how to use them, drop a line to HQ and outline it.

Thanks for the informative answer Kiteman, I will surely contact HQ if I am in want/need of a group.

On another note, do you know what counts as a view?

P.S. your hyperlink doesn't work :-(

A "view", as far as I know, is a click by anybody who is not the author. I think that, if the "clicker" has cookies enabled, multiple clicks from the same person only count once.

Aha, thanks for clearing that up!

The second hyperlink works perfectly.