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What is a knex ratchet system? Answered

I just built knexfreek's final stand. He says it usees a ratchet system.  Where is the ratchet system, and how does it work?


In general a ratchet is a mechanism which allows (reasonably) free rotation in one direction while stopping the rotation in the other. An example you might have run into is the ratchet wrench, which uses this to convert back-and-forth rotation into rotary motion for tightening or loosening a nut or bolt.

The simplest way to build one of these to combine a gear or saw teeth (circular or linear) with a spring mechanism which catches on the teeth in one direction but which they can slip past when going the other way.

I don't do knex and have an aversion to toy guns, so I have no idea whether the term is being used correctly in this case or what the ratchet is being used for. But with that description and the assembly instructions you can probably figure it out. As a pure guess, I'd expect this to be in the cock-and-release mechanism.

this question is so stupid, k , you know what a a gear is well think of that with a rubberband or a string in one of the gears and a trigger keeping it from moving and when you pull the trigger the gear moves releasing the string or rubberband which catchs the ammo and sends it flying.

Maybe no one cares about your opinion on the subject.Don't take this the wrong way,but cyborgold1 is right. This was rather pointless. He could've looked it up if he didn't know what a ratchet system is.Just saying. -_-

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