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What is a sniper with good range? Answered

What is a sniper with good range, doesnt use more than 35 half moon connectors and no more than 5 tan locks? ( I would like it if it has a mag.)


DJ Radio

Best Answer 8 years ago

You could try the OSSR, I didn't have any more than 40 yellows when I built it, I substituted most of the yellows with 3D connectors.  In other words, I can cheat.


8 years ago

A good sniper can hit a target at an approximate range of two miles, using a Barrett 50 cal. rifle.

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2 miles is probably a bit of a stretch.  The longest confirmed sniper combat kill was only 2430 m (~1.5 mi) and that was with the more accurate Tac-50 rifle.  The maximum effective range specified for the Barrett is 2 km and that's on equipment sized targets, with typical target ranges much less.

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Well you might be able to make Gorkem's Sniper Rifle.

Built that one, didn't like it and took it apart.

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