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What is an Arduino? Answered

I've been looking around and found many instructables about it, but I've been wondering, what exactly does it do? Is a controller or is it a support device to help something happen?



Awesome replies, I can't choose the best, but thank you all for replying. I might have to try to get into arduino it sounds kind of easy AND fun :D

an easy way to interface your computer via usb to hardware components such as sensors or motors or relays or whatever you want.  That's what it is in the simplist form.

It can also work without a computer as a standalone device, but you need a computer to program it.

like you could write a program that lights up an LED everytime you get new mail, or execute a program whenever a door opens and hits a switch connected to an arduino.

I personally don't like them :p  I think they're babyish, but nothings easier whenever you need to interface stuff with your computer!

 To make it quick and easy, Arduino is a microprocesser that can run programs that you make on your computer. It executes (runs) the progrma and can use it's inputs and outputs in the program.

Do you also want to know how to create a group, or what to do with an old laptop?
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Well, I've been corrected on this one so I'll tow the line

the Arduino is an open-source programming environment for AVR based micro controllers. (ahem, ty for the reminder Steve)

My own answer would have been that it IS a one of a variety of low cost microcontrollers that are popular amongst hobbyists.

Both are, to some degree true.

type in Arduino to your favorite web browser's search and you'll find a wealth of detailed info, including more complete decriptions of the hardware and project, as well as sources for arduino based microcontrollers for sale.

type in "arduino command reference" for an idea of the command set available for programming

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