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What is an orange board Answered


The instructables "orange board" is a type of bulletin board attached to your account and profile page. People are able to post messages to you, but they are public and viewable by everyone.

I posted a message to your orange board. If you go to your profile page, you will see it near the bottom of the screen.

If you have any more questions, just ask. :)

To reply to orange board comments, simply click on the "reply" button within the comment box and then type your message in the text box that opens up, then click on the "post comment" button when your done typing.

If you reply to my comment, I'll receive a notice of your message under the "discussions" tab on my profile page. You should also see my message to you under the "discussion" tab of your own profile page.

The orange board is a magical place where you can comment on peoples profile or people can comment on your profile and you can delete comments off of yours.

Its the place on your home page where others can post comments. It is like your own public forum


Heres yours, scroll down to see it