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What is better? A Cat or A Dog? Answered

sometimes cats are lazy like most dogs. they always cuddle up next to you and purr! and they are playful too. people think dogs are playful, mabey....sometimes.... no? cats are less noicy(make les sound) I've never seen a dog chase his tail. I have only seen cats do that. dogs slobber. but also are pretty much only cute when there puppies. ~mostly~ dogs leave toys all around the house while the cat is being playful and cute. I eaither want another cat or a dog sometime. Or mabey a bird?


ALL YOU ARE STUPID WHAT IS BETTER A CAT OR DOG WELL IT'S OBVIOUS......... A CHICKEN.lol just kidding i would rather a cat cause dogs are stinky,but i still like them and both are cute well dogs only when there babies.if dogs stayed babies then i would prob get dog but yea i have to cats which are SO CUTE,and my cousins have a dog which is not cute anymore cause it's a teen but it's still a cool dog.cause he plays with us outside with a fresbee and goes in forest with us

It depends on the animal. But its more likely you have a dog that you give more attention to because of grooming and all the training. There are dogs you can find the same size as cats, dogs are very very social animals they love to interact. Cats can be very independent but then they can be affectionate. I have both animals and my cat is outdoor yet she loves belly rubs and when she was a kitten she liked to play now she doesnt :( I had a dog since preschool and he recently passed. I am a junior in high school now. I loved him to death and he loved my cat to they slept in the same bed it was so cute haha. But that dog was always there for me. Whenever I came home there he was (a huge 120 lb yellow lab) when he was young he would run up to me with tail wagging jumping on me. My cat even meows now because my dog is gone she would see him and now she never see's him and meows even more. I feel like my cat raised herself more then I raised my dog. So Whatever you choose I hope that you have the best experience with you pet

Well,there are many reasons you would want a cat or a dog there are both lovely companions. they both have there ups and downs cats are nice because you don't need to walk them or take them out side to do there business and cats aren't as nosily as dogs and cats can live in apartments and dogs need yards to run around in unlike cats you would have to clean out the cats litter box when you do unless you get automated one where you do minimal work. so in the end it all depends on where you live and how much you are willing to spend on your pet.

I think cats. Cats go in a litter box and don't need walks.

First, whatever you get -- make sure you get the animal from a humane society -- or go to your local petsmart or petco and adopt! Also try petfinder.com. If you absolutely want a specific breed, most breed organizations have a surrender or adoption organization. Also consider an "adult" pet: they will be house broken and more loving -- and they usually know the rules and are less destructive -- and are usually much cheaper to adopt. Having finally moved to a pet friendly apartment, I've recently adopted a 2 year old domestic longhair cat AND a 8 year old miniature poodle. The differences: 1) The cat MUST stay indoor. Even though she is spayed, there are too many other dangers (cars, feral cats, other animals, plants) that can harm her. Dogs must be let outside to potty -- at least three times a day. Puppies must be trained and can smell up the house. That means adding at least 30-45 minutes to your morning go-to-work routine. 2) Cats are pretty self-sufficient, unless you get a neurotic one, and you can leave them alone for 24 -48 hours with proper feeding. (Which is why getting an adult from a place that has had the opportunity to observe the disposition of the cat is a good thing! You never know what a kitten will be like!) You can't leave a dog alone for more than 8-10 hours. There's the potty issues; the food issue -- and they are too social. You'll come home to find your bed or couch torn up. They need constant play. 3) Costs. Dogs are inherently more expensive. Because they are outdoor animals, they require more shots and to be registered with the city or county. You'll find yourself getting covers or crates to prevent car damage. You might spend more money on a dog walker or kenneling if you go on a trip. If you fly with your pet - expect to pay at least $100 each way, even if you are keeping the pet with you inside the cabin. Yes, you pay for cat litter. But depending on the dog, you might have a big grooming bill. Even apartment fees are more for a dog than a cat. 4) Affection. You will definitely get more LICKS from your dog than your cat. My new cat doesn't like to be petted -- just brushed. When I sit on the couch, she sits on the rocking chair next to me. But there are moments when I feel like pushing (kicking) the dog away (I don't). I call him "velcro" dog. I can't walk to the kitchen to get a soda and there he is begging for a treat. I walk to the couch and he has already jumped into my spot. This will take some training. You have to train dogs and that takes time, energy, patience, and sometimes money. Either way, you will get something out of the relationship -- and you will save an animal. How much time can you give on a daily basis taking care of the animal? If your day is always busy and you work 10 hour days -- please get a cat. You and the dog would just be frustrated. Don't do that to the dog!


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Cats are less maintenence. Both of my cats are lovey dovey.  If you want a pet you dont have to do much for, then get TWO cats. I believe no matter what you get, it should be two to keep each other company if you go on a weekend trip.  Dogs are a more work. You have to walk them,  give them constant companionship so they feel loved and worry if they are going to bark all day long in or out of the house.  They roll in dead animals. Yes, they will find them even in the yard somewhere.  But there is NOTHING like the adoration your dog gives you when you come home, whether from work or just back from the convenience store.  They will always love you unconditionally.  BTW, I have 7 dogs and 3 cats (one lives outside by choice).

Definitly dogs!!!! :)

(of course that's just my opinion, no one can truly answer that question)

 I would personally want a dog, but I live in San Francisco and if you have a dog here it is really hard to find a place to live where they exept pets. If it is under 25 pounds - perhaps if you pay extra fees. I don't know if you have restrictions like that. If you would go the small dog route (which I am guessing you would be fine with since you would also consider a cat) it seems like some of the small once yap, like Chiuawas and Pomeranians. Also Beagles are pretty nervous and hard to train. My friend has a puggle though, and it is very quiet and wellbehaved. 
However my friend has a cat that is really cool. It comes and purrs in my face and wants to cuddle with me all the time and is very personable. My friend said when he lived in the country the cat would go on walks with him and hunt rabbits. Also this cat likes to play and will lie in the way on the stairs to get his owners attention. He also has a longhaired cat that is very cute but so shy, doesn't seem to interactive. 
I guess in other words - it depends on the animal!

It depends on your circumstances, personal preferences, and the unique characteristics of the animal.

We have 2 dogs and 3 cats.  "Dogs are mans' best friend." and "Cats are independent and antisocial."  I won't talk about dogs because it's cats that have a bad reputation. Some of it is deserved, but a lot of it isn't - some cats love people.

~~~ One cat, named Magic, hates everyone and fears everything. She has never had a playful day in her life. She is annoying, demanding, and doesn't want to be touched unless she's itchy and SHE initiates the contact. She has never peed outside a litterbox, but will poop on the carpet in front of a clean one. She is a pedigree calico that we got from a reputable breeder. The only reason I still have her is because I can't find anyone willing to take her and know that if I don't tell prospective owners the truth about why we don't want her then they'll have her for a week and then dump her on the side of the road.
~~~ The other cat, Tiger, hates everyone in the world except me. Her favorite food is cantalope. She loves me and feathers. She eats rubberbands, strings and hairbands and throws them up on my pillow. She will not poop outside of a litter box but will pee in clothing hampers and baskets. She will chase anything that moves and loves jumping in boxes and cuddling with me. I caught her behind my highschool when she was two weeks old. Her mom is a wild shorthair calico and her dad was a tame norweigan forest cat. 
     One night, after a bath, I layed down in my bed. Tiger jumped on the bed and layed against my chest and started purring. I didn't want cat hair in my face but I also didn't want to push her away so I carefully rolled over so that she could still lean against my back. She got up climbed over me and plopped down in front of me again. She rolled onto her back, looked up into my face, meowed and rubbed her face against my chin. I went "Ooohhh! My baby!" and hugged her and held her close. She purred so loud.
~~~ Merc, our third cat, is an outdoor cat that sleeps inside when the temperature (or windchill) is below 50 degrees. My brother found him under his car in an apartment parking lot. Since you could see every bone in his little body and it was pouring rain, my brother brought him home and put him in the garage. No one in our house wanted another cat. We were just going to fatten him up, give him a flea bath, and put him back where we found him. But he was so friendly!  He loved everyone and everything. He was happiest when he was leaning against your leg or laying on your foot. He loves feet, shoes, and socks - has a fetish. He is so calm and nonchalant that fireworks don't phase him and he'll come and lay under a roaring circular saw and let sawdust rain down on him, but he runs in terrors of brooms (we think maybe someone swatted him with one), and freaks out if you try to put him on a soft fluffy blanket (but he likes leather).  He has the most feminine and girly meow I have ever heard (and we've had/fostered/babysat more than two dozen cats). He sleeps on our patio furniture, suns himself on our trampoline and picnic table and drinks from the two-foot tall bird bath instead of his waterbowl. He once brought a mouse home to us! He is a grey tabby - looks like a raccoon, but has black pawpads like a leopard - and if you walk in our backyard at night, he will pounce on your feet and scare the crap out of you.

Every animal, like every person, is unique.

Do research online. (There's no reason you can't have a cat AND a dog.) If you decide on a dog, figure out what your size range is, shedding, grooming, exercise needs, and health problems. Find the breeds that match your list, then learn about their breeds' idiosyncrasies --- do they: dig, bark a lot, learn slow, pee in the house, chew, howl, herd, chase small animals, bite? Remember that every animal is unique and may not conform to their breed standard, but don't fall in love with breed XYZ and think that your dog won't be like all the other XYZ dogs. After you narrow it down to a few breeds, find local shelters and rescue groups.

Not all dogs drool and cats need toys, too.

I don't reccommend a bird (my personal preference). You need an exotic vet. They poop outside their cage. They use their mouth as a third hand so you never know if they are reaching for you to bite you or to climb onto your hand.


What is better: the color orange or the sound of a bell? This is _entirely_ a matter of personal taste.

it's also based on your proximity to a church and how often you get woken up on a sunday by the bells...<br /> <br /> if you didn't know by now i like the colour orange. =P<br />

If you want an animal that digs around hi his own crap box then wants to walk all over you and your counter with those poop germ infested feet, and you like cleaning cat boxes, go for a cat. As for a dog, they don't dig around in their own crap and then try and get on your cooking counters...

I like all the answers about caring for whichever you get.. They were all good, but here is another POV. I will never have another house cat. I loved my cats, but in that pet food poisoning that killed so many dogs and cats around the US a couple of years ago, both of my house cats died. I never want to go through that misery again. It was low agonizing death, partly because we couldn't pin a cause to it in time, ..but it was still basically incurable. I have dogs, and I can home cook for dogs, just making sure that it is balanced. But it is near impossible to cook for cats because they need taurine, and you can't cook and provide that. So I am with Christopher...the emotional part is a big part of pet ownership. If they die normally and you have taken care of them well, that's life. But when something happens that is completely out of your control or ability to "fix", it can be devastating.

This is a great question. Take it seriously. First. I'm a guy. I have a cat. The reason I have a cat is that I love dogs. (Crazy. I know.) I've always had dogs in my life until my 20's. I like dogs and cats, but I especially love dogs. I had a doberman named Brutus for over 11 years. He was with me through my teenage years and died when I was in my early 20's. Brutus was the best dog in the world. I know people always say this but for me, it was true. He was my best friend. We were inseparable. We had a lot of great times together. When he died, it really messed me up for a while. I never want to go through that again. So, I'll probably never have another dog. I'm an emotional coward, I guess. Since then, I've always had cats. Cats are independent and don't generally require or even want very much attention. They can be trained, but it takes time and patience. I've trained my cat a little. She does a few tricks and runs to me wherever I am when I whistle. She seems to understand certain words and phrases. She's very demanding at times. When she wants attention, she will stop at nothing to get it. She'll climb on the table or on your face, whatever it takes. When she doesn't want attention, she'll rip your face off if you don't leave her alone. OK. She's not really that bad, but she does have claws and she's not afraid to use them. (Get a scratching post.) I love my cat. I've loved all of my cats, but when one dies, it doesn't affect me as much as when a dog dies. Cats are solitary animals and can be very independent, yet still cuddly and lovable at times. A cat will probably always seem to be their own animal. No matter how much they love you, they'll always seem a bit aloof. In my experience, there is never the same kind of connection with a cat as there is with a dog. Dogs are social animals, just like people are social. They've been bred for thousands of years to be compatible with humans. We share a lot of the same social instincts and feelings of "friendship". You'll probably never meet a person who loves you as unconditionally as a dog can. A dog won't EVER see you as anything other than the best person in the world as long as you treat them right and probably even if you don't. Of course I'm speaking generally. There can always be differences in individual animals. I must be a dog person, because I've never been attacked or bitten by any dog. Not even a "mean one" who has a reputation for mauling joggers or whatever. Then again, cats seem to like me too. Every time someone sees me petting their cat, they always say something about how the cat hates people and how surprised they are that it likes me. Anyway, in my opinion, you should make sure that you have the time and personality to give your animal what they want and need. It's cruel to leave a dog alone all the time and not play with them and return some of their affection. A cat can be a very good pet for the person who doesn't mind having an animal that appreciates alone time. But you can't expect a cat to be a robot and obey your silly human rules. You can train a cat to behave in un-cat like ways, but it takes time and patience. If you're a busy person with very little time for fun and taking walks, get a cat and a low wattage laser pointer. Otherwise find a dog that suits your personality. No matter what pet you get, make the most of your relationship with your animal. Having a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life or one of the most stressful if you and your animal friend aren't compatible. Good luck. - Chris

It depends on what you are looking for. If you want something that will pretty much take care of itself, a cat. If you want something that can be trained, but requires work, a dog.

if u are a gurl you would probably want a cat or kitten, and if you are a boy, u need a dog, but puppy may be possible, its depends on how tamed the animals is...

Thats Not the Point. It doesnt matter if your a boy or girl to get a pet its what fits into your lifestyle(learned that from reading all the comments) for example if you work alot(at work alot) you need a trained pet. as for what ive heard

oh ok, you can buy a puppy which can be trained easily and doesn't need a lot of work, if you prefer a cat, your cgonna give your cat a lesson, but try to decide on your own, it depends on your feelings whether you want to buy a cat or a dog... It doesn't really matter

My view is that, if you want a more sedatary pet, go for a cat. On the other hand, if you want a companion with boundless energy, go for a dog. Lemonie also brings up a good point. How much work and commitment do you want to put into having a pet? Are you able to handle the costs involved? Will you have time to take care of them? All of these are deep questions, and make you think "Am I even ready to have a pet?" There is also the matter to be considered of what type of dog or cat would you get. For example, would you get a small dog that stays inside all day, or a cat that roams the streets? And in regards to djlilpop, what makes you think that a girl might not want a dog, or a boy a cat? What makes you think that a girl will only care about cuteness, or a boy about toughness? In the end, i think Orksecurity's answer sums it up perfectly. "This is _entirely_ a matter of personal taste." Off topic: Wow, this is the most enthusiasticly I've ever expressed anything non verbally! I'm surprised I was able to hold a rant for so long. - Chaoszerom

cats do not poop on your carpet,bark at visitors,chase other dogs,need to be taken out to skittle,bite you (at least not that often) ,or steal your food off the table wheras dogs doo and i have both a cat & adog

Cats tend to look after themselves (mostly) dogs tend to need exercising. How much effort are you prepared to put into this for the years that you'd hope they live?



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My cat is noisy, and wont leave me alone. while my dog wants nothing more then to sit on the couch and do nothing. Depends on the actual animal.