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What is decoupage glue made of, is it simply PVA glue? If not can it be made at home, can't affort Mon-Podge. Answered


YEP slightly thinned PVA - Personally I buy it in BIG containers as an additive for cement at the builders merchant - Much cheaper.

PVA dries cleas - or slightly cloudy - AS far as I Know the decoupage is just painted with PVA and allowed to dry - For different finishes perhaps clear / pearl nail varnish - I use this a lot fro small jewellery items.

.  I didn't find an official formula for Mod-Podge, but it seems that PVA (Elmer's) and water (3 or 4 parts water to one part PVA) is a popular replacement.

Thanks rickharris and nachomahma. I am so glad to get your answers. I suppose another question is "what are the different top-coates, gloss, pearl,matt made of"? They must be additives, any ideas? Thanks a lot.