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What is going on here?! Answered

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The background on the homepage is suddenly covered with norton adverts for some reason. The orange is gone. And, the post maker has a white background with no orange top. Is this a glitch, or purposeful.

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kelseymh (author)2009-04-23

For all of you complaining, see https://www.instructables.com/community/A_massive_AD/, which discusses a similar background-modification done several months ago in exchange for Apple sponsorship. Whether you like the color or not is a personal opinion, but setting the background seems like a nicely minor form of advertising.

Surely changing the background color is better than those horrible roll-over-and-throw-animation-all-over-the-screen Craftsman ads!

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xACIDITYx (author)2009-04-23

This topic has now been posted thrice.


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