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What is in an "instructables prize pack" exactly? Does it vary? Answered


is it just me or does a laser cutter seem far superior to the other prizes mentioned in or related to the prize pack? Why would the pack vary so much?

Laser cutters, 3D printers, electronics and other stuff is anything you win above the prize pack. But yeah, a laser cutter and a nice 3D printer (over $8000 by the way) is a pretty sweet prize. Winning it would be like winning the lottery for me actually :D.

how long will it take to ship ?

They generally say don't even bother asking where prizes are for a month, as it takes time to hear back from all the winners and get stuff mailed out. However right now (Feb 2014) they do not have anyone in house that does shipping so at least some prizes are delayed indefinitely. - Hope that helps.

thank you for the info and for answering my question.

It can vary depending on what kind of cool stuff we have in stock! The official "Instructables Prize Pack" always includes:
  • 1 year Pro Membership
  • 1 t-shirt or apron (depending on the challenge)
  • Robot stickers
It will sometimes include extra goodies like a fabric patch!  

Any additional prizes (i.e. a laser cutter) are considered separate from the "Instructables Prize Pack."

I'm 95% sure it contains:

-2 stickers
-1 fabric patch
-a tee shirt


(although the number of stickers is variable, depending on how fumble-fingered the package packer was)