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What is instructables page/ picture limit? Answered

I had trouble uploading a lot of photos and was wondering if there is a picture limit?
Is there a page limit for instructables?
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Best Answer 7 years ago

There is no limit to:
a) the number of pictures you can have in an Instructable
b) the number of pictures you can have in your image library

There is a limit to the number of pictures you can upload at one time. I can't remember what that limit is, you just have to upload them in slightly smaller batches.

I find that, using the old uploader, five or six pictures taken at 5meg could be uploaded at once.

The new version appears to have no limit that I have met.

The limit on the new uploader is 100 pictures at a time. To get the counter to reset, I find I have to log out and log back in. At least, that's the fastest way...

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Thanks for your reply. I was going to pick best answer but not sure how to do it.