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What is "instruction 0x593fb06f referenced memory at 0x593fb06f. I/O error status of 0xc000009c" supposed to mean? Answered

My WinXP laptop is giving me hell and I dont know why. I attempt to do almost anything system-wise, explorer crashes and gives me a message that looks a bit like this"instruction 0x593fb06f refrenced memory at 0x593fb06f. I/O error status of 0xc000009c"
Some text cant be recognized like the majority of the text on the arduino.cc website, I cant go into the My Computer or C:/ folders without it crashing, and there are probably other things that I havent found yet.

I need some help before I do something incredibly stupid to this computer, like playing flaming baseball with it or using it as trebuchet ammunition.

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steveastrouk (author)2009-12-28

All things are possible. Dying hard disk, virus infection, dead cooling fans....

What have you tried ? Is it clean of viruses ? Can you put the hard disk in another machine with a strong AV tool and clean it ? 

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Since I just got it(black friday sales), and I got a 3 year in-store warrenty on it, I think I'll take it in since I'm not at all in the mood to attempt a fix.

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Sounds like the right answer. That's what service contracts are for.

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orksecurity (author)2009-12-28

What it means is that a program error occurred when executing from a particular location in memory, causing it to attempt to access another chunk of memory that it was not supposed to have access to. The error status explains what caused this to be considered an error.

To understand what it's actually trying to tell you, you need an assembler-level understanding of the operating system and hardware. So the real translation is "Something is broken, and it's nothing you're likely to be able to understand. Whatever you were doing, stop doing it, or take the machine to an expert who can help you figure out why it isn't working properly." Apple calls these "guru meditation numbers" as a humorous way of saying essentially the same thing: If you have to ask, it would take too long to explain.

You could try websearching for those specific addresses and/or that error status number. If this is a known software bug, or a known effect of a badly-written piece of malware, there may be a discussion of it posted somewhere.

Otherwise... Try reinstalling a clean copy of whatever provokes this crash. Try that program on another machine and see if it runs more happily there. If that doesn't help isolate or cure the problem, start un-installing whatever you added recently, or start with a clean install of the operating system and add things back in one at a time until you find the one that triggers the problem.  And if that doesn't help, start replacing hardware.

Or try letting someone with experience digging this deeply into the machine get their paws on it for a while. This really isn't something I would attempt to diagnose remotely. Or for free, except for close friends.

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Domnic Geek (author)2009-12-28
Try these steps,
also you didnt mentioned that your computer is booting to the desktop screen

Click Start , click Run , type chkdsk /f /r , and then click OK .
2.At the command prompt, type Y to let the disk scanner run when you restart the computer.
3.Restart the computer.
4.Chkdsk will run

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