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What is k2? Answered

Ive heard a lot about this drug and i just want to know what it is. i hear its like mary j? I do not intend on using this i would just like to know what it is.



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's a herbal mixture, apparently looks like pot-pourri.  It is smoked like weed, with similar effects.

It is currently legal, but its long-term effects are untested.  Given the chemical similarity to THC, those effects are likely to be undesirable, even dangerous.

Several drug-related groups are campaigning for it to be made illegal.

I strongly recommend you do not use K2, as it could easily turn out to be a "gateway" substance.

Potential permanent physical and mental damage is not "cool".

Well most every known subsatance have that doesnt it? so hah! :P

Depends how hard you get beaten around the head with it.

You're 14.  Take it from people who are decades older and watched friends go through this sort of thing - there is no such thing as a safe, "cool" drug.

Kiteman, if there is no such thing as a "safe" drug, do you support prohibition of alcohol as well?

The use of alcohol is already restricted (in theory) to those who can use it responsibly.

If you are looking for an argument, this is not the place.

"I do not intend on using this i would just like to know what it is."
Im not gonna do it, nor any other drugs.

You can say what you will about this drug being Legal and does not show up in drug test or it being safer than some drugs. But I just got home from seeing a friend in the Hospital because she smoked this stuff. She faces the possibility of some permanent brain damage and partial loss of eyesight. She is very sick right now. I realize that most of these post were made in 2009, but I just had to say if your thinking of trying this .... DON"T.

Lots of new information is coming out about k2 incense. That http://www.k2info.org
site mentioned in that old post seems to be the only objective resource about k2 incense other than wikipedia.
There is currently a federal ban on all synthetic marijuana products including k2 incense. The focus should move from, "What is k2 incense?" to "What harm is k2 incense doing?" synthetic marijuana products are NOT safe.

does anyone if http://www.k2info.org is still down? they used to have a ton of info about K2

k2 is a herbal Incense legal to purchase in some places. It’s safer to use than other potent narcotics and prescription drugs and you can pass drug tests too. It is also cheap and sweet-smelling but yet, it still gives a hard kick. To learn more about it, visit http://www.wildfireincense.com/ .

K2 is not so bad, just test your tolerance to it before going hog wild.  Not the cleanest of recreational drugs seeing how it is a substance that is usually sprayed onto a suitable smoking blend.  This drug like marijuana works on your peripheral and central nervous systems, a typical analgesic drug.  Also note that this does not show up on a typical drug screen and is legal to buy so it is a good alternative to illegal drugs


8 years ago

 All answers I've seen thus far neglect to point out that most of the commercial "K2" offerings in the United States contain either of two chemical compositions, if not a combination of both.  JWH-018 and JWH-07, developed in the mid 1990's by researchers at Clemson University, it was used in mice to test the effects of THC in their brains.

JMW-018 acts as a cannabanoid agonist at both the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain, and has some selectivity for the CB2 receptor.  This makes it a synthetic which has similar effects as POT, but will not product the metabolites in your urine that would effect a positive urinalysis.  

The obvious problem, aside from not having been developed for or tested in humans in the first place, is that the delivery mechanism (smoking it in herbal incense) can't be the least bit healthy.

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