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What is the Arduino? Answered

What is the arduino actually? I know it has something to do with computers, but where is it for? What does it do? And why is everyone on instructables talking about it?



It's a microcontroller -- a very small (and somewhat limited) computer intended to be built into other circuits, with inputs and outputs suitable for that sort of use. "What it's for" is any application where dropping a small computer into the box might be useful. Basically, it's a replacement for hardwiring a gawdawful pile of digital logic chips together to accomplish the same tasks.

A more practical answer to "what it's for" is to look at all the Instructables which use it. It provides the "brain" for all those projects. And others. And, if you think it would be useful and want to spend some time learning how to work with it, possibly your own.

Thanks for your answer, it makes things a lot clearer to me. I select this as best answer.

It's a cheap microcontroller, suitable for hobby use ansd low-end use in commercial activities. It's programming environment is a derivative of C.

Is it, or is it the user friendly tool suite for programming Atmel AVRs ? 


I've seen loads of things now that are called "Arduino", but they aren't the same board, they just use Atmega or ATtiny AVRs the common factor seems to just be the programming suite.

Ah...Now I understand.

Idk...IMO, it's a branding game. Arduinos are inevitably some form of uC using a common platform, and even the most sophisticated one I've seen is still just a low-end uC.

What's a PC? Is it a user friendly tool suite for intel chips? perhaps...perhaps not. But what is a PC for real...? It's a personal computer.

Even Arduinos made by a single source have a variety of configurations, processor speeds, etc.

Here's what wiki says and aside from personal perspective, I think it agrees with my basic definition


Type the text of your question into Google's search box, or type just "Arduino" into Wikipedia's search box.  It's just that easy!

I'm afraid it's not that easy. The wikipedia article says:

'Arduino' is a 'physical computing' 'platform' based on a simple 'open hardware' for a 'single board' 'microcontroller' with 'embedded' 'I\O support' and a standard programming language.

All of the words with the '' simbols are words of which I have no idea what they mean. I need someone to explain me in simple terms what the arduino is.