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What is the BEST knex airsoft gun? Answered

I am wondering, are there any knex airsoft guns that shoot about 300 fps? I do not care how it works, just want one that would work as a backup in an airsoft war.


300 fps is about as fast as a airsoft gun. unfortunetly there are no guns that can shoot that fast. Im hoping someone will make a new chain mg gun and post good instructions. If there was a chaing mg it will probaly be just 300 fps. think of some ideas

...pretty fast. coincidentially, there is an airsoft ad on the left of my screen! lawl. but no, i don't think there is.

That's not coincidental, advertisements are set to show on pages with the same words.

the mini zt456 is problably your best bet even though it is definitely not that high, to make it go a little faster lengthen the firing pin and the barrel end piece.