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What is the K'nex TR-V1 or the BR8? Answered

I saw in another question a parts list for the TR-V1 or the br8. what are they?!?!?!?!?!




Best Answer 8 years ago

The TRv1 and the BR8 are the same thing but the BR8 was the old name. There is also the TR18 and TR36 which basically hold more ammo. The BR8 is an 8 shot revolver and is basically a simplified K'nexsayer. The TR18 and TR36 shoot 18 or 36 bullets, hence the names.

Here is the like to a slideshow of the TR-18 and TR-36 (Also known as the BR series.)

What ? PLEASE can you give more information for the question ? Please don't expect the people who answer questions to dredge all the relevant information up for you without some input.

they are both versions of the trifle