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What is the UK equivelant of Light Corn Syrup? Answered

I have heard that Golden Syrup is a good substitute but since that is flavoured and i was planning on making Hard Chew Candy


I want the syrup to be flavourless so it does not interfere with the fruit flavour.

It needs to be available in Scotland (the UK)

The reason i post this question is that on Amazon Karo light corn syrup is £3.95 and the postage is £2.50 which i thought was very expensive.



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1 cup corn syrup can be replaced by 1 1/4 granulated sugar (or light brown sugar) plus 1/4 of liquid (use water or whatever liquid is specified in the recipe you’re using).


That checks with Joy Of Cooking, though they warn that substituting corn syrup for sucrose may change the recipe's behavior, especially when baking.

Also, here

well glucose is about twice as thick as corn syrup. And you do have a golden syrup that is the same consistency as corn syrup but tastes different.

I would almost say that if you can water down the glucose it would be the closest in taste and color. But i really don't know much about glucose as when i come to a recipe with that i usually just use corn syrup, and decrease some of the water in the recipe if needed.

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In the UK boiled sweets are generally made from glucose.

HOWEVER normal white sugar makes a good boiled sweet.

see here

A simple syrup can be made with equal parts granulated sugar and water. Bring the water to a boil, add the sugar and stir. The sugar will dissolve and create a syrup. Use a candy thermometer to determine the temperature and avoid over cooking the mixture, If you continue to heat the syrup it will get thicker and eventually crystallize.