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What is the advantage of a fluid coupling over other clutches? Answered

you can start the vehicle in any gear; that's ok........but anything apart that.........i guess it isn't fuel efficient


They're more useful for higher power transmissions where you would otherwise need a very large friction-clutch, think about putting ~1000HP through something. Using fluid does allow you to take heat out and dump it through a radiator. L

A fluid coupling make gear changes smoother and can happen over a larger range of 'matching' speeds. The instant change of a mechanical system burns out clutch linings (like brake pads) where a fluid system (can) last a lot longer without mechanical wear.


8 years ago

I don't know that I would call it an "advantage," but a fluid coupling doesn't need to be manually actuated to engage the drive. More modern fluid couplings that use "ferro-fluids" (ferrous fluids that become semi-solid when a magnetic field is applied) are even quite efficient once the magnetic field is applied. I don't know if any automotive torque converters employ this technology yet. There are alleged "locking" torque converters out there, but they use clutches. For a car, I see no advantage other than ease of driving. Especially on hills. I drive a stick shift and some times it's a pain...especially if I'm in a town like San Francisco.