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What is the best and most useful app for the iPod Touch/iPhone? Answered

I am thinking of buying some new applications for my iPod Touch. I was just wondering what everyone thought was the best, and most useful application for the iPod Touch/iPhone?


TapTap Revenge 3

omg,that game is on every ipod youch in my grade
everybody plays it along with things like pocket god and eliminate

A friend has one, he is very pleased with "bump", "shazam"(sp?) and a spirit level thingie.

My most useful (at least right now) is called "Craigsharvest" and is a search engine for Craigslist.

With it I set the searching parameters for specific things, the category, state and city I want be searching. 

For example I'm looking for a thickness planer for my shop, so I have a saved category called 'planer' that searches in 'tools' under 'for sale' here where I live.

I really like it.