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What is the best bird feeder for birds not squirels to get to? Answered


Do you think those work good? I saw those at the store once, but wanted to know what others thought. We hang ours on the side of the post, the one that slides down with their weight is the one we gots. They are smart squirels though.

The feeder is a blast to watch. The bar is sensitive enough that blue-jays and cardinals almost can't sit on it without setting it off. The feeders have a cast metal top so the squirrels can't get into it. The barrel of the feeder is tall enough that the squirrels Have to drop onto the bar which sends it spinning. As long as you keep the base charged it will send the squirrels flying every time. But like i said the squirrels soon realize they need to hold onto the spinning bar as long as possible so that a few seeds will get shook out of the feeder. The feeder doesn't drop many seeds and the squirrels can't hold on for more then a few seconds. So it will save you money on bird feed since the squirrels will have no way to just sit there and eat.

I agree. That feeder is really fun to watch, but eventually the squirrels at my house broke that feeder. Ours didn't last that long, but it was worth the money.

How about a sliding cover that closes with the squirrel's weight?


Most squirrel proof feeders put a cage round the outside of the feeder - NOTE this does not stop young thin squirrels!

another type uses a large wide cone above the feeder to prevent the rodent climbing round it.

another type uses a counter balanced tube which drops down to cover the feeder when the rodents weight is on it. a simple elastic band will do the trick as long as it just holds up the tube.

I own the one the drops down when their weight is on it, but they are smart squirels!! We have it on a post, that was prolly originaly a bird house. Any suggestions?