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What is the best catalyst for making instant steam from hydrogen peroxide? Preferably one not consumed in the process. Answered


 Manganese Dioxide works great and you can get it from bothe alkaline and carbon zinc batteries. However you either will need a binder for it or have a screen made up up unreactive material on both sides of it so that it doesnt fly away with the steam. Hope this helped.

Silver mesh is the best catalyst, but it needs to be heated to around 600o to start the reaction. Once running, the reaction is exothermic, so no more heating is required.

Something to be aware of, the generation of steam also produces oxygen. Some rocket systems use the oxygen to burn an additional propellant, generating extra thrust.

Hmmm. I had been considering an application for janitorial / food services using the steam for sterilization purposes, avoiding traditional steaming devices. I am not sure if a small stream of peroxide passed through a preheated silver screen inside some sort of nozzle would be practical. I can at least do some tests with the silver I have on hand, using 35% food grade peroxide. Thanks for the info!

I'm not sure 35% will break down the same as the 80+% used in rockets, but it's worth a try. Maybe heat your silver with a soldering iron and dip it in a small pot of the peroxide to see what happens?