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What is the best fuel for an ultralight acohol stove? Answered

OK so I have seen many Instructables on making an ultralight alcohol can stove, but not of them compare fuels. I have heard of many types of fuel being used, all the way from denatured alcohol to everclear drinking alcohol. I want to know which type is easiest to obtain and produces the least amount of soot on pots. Thanks in advance, Junits15



Best Answer 8 years ago

Denatured alcohol is available at hardware stores. Drinkin' licker' is harder to come by unless you are of drinking age. I would doubt that either would leave any soot on pans. They both burn with an almost colorless flame. Everclear has the benefit of drinkablity if you get tired of cooking with it.

what about ethyl rubbing alcohol? Is that sooty like isopropyl? Also, I have heard that it is toxic to touch denatured alcohol, is that true?

It's probably not more toxic than most things sold in a hardware store. It has other chemicals added to make it taste bad since what it started out as could be drunk and would get you really drunk. Additives are isopropal alcohol, kerosine, gasoline etc. I use it sometime to clean up dirty electronics gear etc. I may or may not wear gloves. I'm sure that if you kept it on your skin for a long time you would develop something bad from it as you would lots of other "safe" chemicals. It is really toxic if you drink it.

ok that sounds good then. P.S I wasnt planning on drinking it lol!

The "toxic to touch" thing is because alcohols will dissolve fats, and you have fat in your skin. This means that getting it on your hand, especially repeatedly, can lead to a form of industrial dermatitis.

oh, but in small amounts and not very often its fine?

The most honest answer is "you're probably fine" - I play with denatured alcohol occasionally, and my hands are fine so far.

Methyl alcohol is my pick, it does not leave any soot on pots and you can buy it either at a hardware store/ gas station as HEET. or at dollar stores as "fondue fuel". Also its cheap i get 750ml bottles for 1 dollar at my dollar store