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What is the best glue for plastic to leather? Answered

Last winter I ripped the plastic sole from my skiing boot, and I would like to reattach it. It looks like it was originally held on by glue, and that is what I thought I should use.Any idea on what type of glue I should use for this?



I have a similar prob: I want to wrap leather round a plastic sword handle so it doesn't look like plastic!

Best way would be to use thin strips and to wrap it.
Once done and all secured use sandpaper to remove excess where strps overlap and to smooth it out.
If you soak the leather strips first, stretch them a bit and let them dry once on the handle they will shrink and form a very strong connection.
When dry you can use a hot spoon or similar to apply wax and seal the surface.
After the polishing you have a smooth and water resistant handle.

thank you! very comprehensive and helpful I'd never have thought of any of that, especially the wax.

Thanks again

For the more advenced classes you also use stretched leather to make a nice fitting cover by stitching it into a tube.
With little room to spare it will then shrink to for a tight fit once dry.

I'm visually impaired and so don't use any power tools [apart from a cordless drill] so a lot of projects are beyond me if they can't be done by hand. I think I've saved the link for Leather Class - and about a dozen more!, thanks for reminding me so I can find it and have a look.

According to that website every leather to plastic glue is very toxic.

Well, toluene (which is what they use as a solvent) isn't health food, that's for sure. The back of the can specifies "a well ventilated space". I tend to take them at their word.

Contact Cement -- you'll only get one shot to get it right though.... They might have used a hot glue.... I personally would try a high temp hot glue. Hot glue being my favorite semi permanent fastener :p Emphasis on high temp ;)

Any epoxy in perticular?