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What is the best graphics card available for this computer that won't bottleneck the CPU? Answered

Specifications: 2GB DDR2 (up to 4GB max). Intel Pentium 4 CPU with HyperthreadingT @ 2.8GHz overclocked to 3.4GHz stable. Runs Fedora linux. 1 PCI express x16 slot (shouldn't be a problem, PCI express x16 2.0 is backwards compatible). ASUS P5KPL-CM motherboard. I could install a Pentium D 3.0GHz for $25 and I can always upgrade the PSU to accommodate a more powerful graphics card.

I need the most powerful graphics card I can get for the computer that won't bottleneck it. Below are some pictures of the computer (they are the parts from my parents' old computer that I recently upgraded; the computer runs great, I just don't have a case for it yet)



Best Answer 5 years ago

You'd probably be better off not buying anything else for this computer and save your money to start a new build. You can save the optical drive and HDD (and that LAN or sound card in the PCI slot) if they are working but get a new mobo, ram (that is DDR3), cpu ( that is at least dual core), graphics card , and PSU (you don't want an old PSU cooking all your new components).

Well this isn't my primary gaming computer. That's what my gaming laptop is for. I''ll either sell it as a budget gaming rig or give it to my cousin to game on for now until he gets the $ for a gaming pc.

All the parts work fine. I'm just looking to give a second life to this pc. Yes I am buying a dual-core Pentium D 3.0GHz, 4GB ram maybe an Nvidia GeForce 9800GT, 500W PSU (comes with the Cooler Master case), and windows 7 64bit (Pentium D is a 64bit CPU). It''ll cost only $350.

That will be sufficient for most anything that hasn't come out in the last year or so.
I can respect getting more life out of old components. The foundation of my current build is almost 4 years old and was similar to your plan for this one (AMD 3.1 dual core, 4 GB DDR2 RAM, 9800GT OC'd. It's pretty much reached it's potential with 6GB RAM, secondary SSD for games, and a second 9800GT OC in SLI. It runs current games remarkably well (BF3 @ medium) for it's age, the 9800GT wasn't cutting edge when I first got it, but I suspect I'll be forced into a new build in a year or so.

If the 9800GT isn't that impressive, which graphics card should i use for the Pentium 4 or Pentium D?

If you get a good one, say 256-bit and 700+ MHz clock, then you can get a good deal on a solid card that performs as well or better than current 200, maybe even 300, series cards. A single one may juat struggle to run cutting edge games at high settings.

I ended up picking up a 9500GT for free at a computer store. Works pretty well. It does bottleneck the P4. I gotta upgrade to a Pentium D. What advantages would the Core 2 Duo (at the same speed) give me over a Pentium D?

Nothing beyond an Nvidia GeForce 8800GT or equivalent. Even that may be pushing it on that old system. That's if you make the upgrade to the Pentium D.

I was thinking a Pentium D (I can overclock it), 4GB ram, an Nvidia GeForce 9800GT, and 500W PSU. And windows 7 64bit. How well will that game?


5 years ago

Truthfully, if it were I, I would buy a cheap case for $50, decorate the case with whatever is currently popular among the young crowd, shove all that stuff you have there in it and sell it.
Then take the money and build or buy something that can handle at least a quad core CPU.

I am either going to sell it on craigslist or will give it to my cousin until he gets the $ for me to build him an AMD FX desktop.