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What is the best kind of light to use when growing plants indoors without any sunlight? Answered

I am wanting to grow a plant or two in my basement, and was just curious what the best artificial light to use is and how to go about doing it.



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From the greenhouse you can get standard sized bulbs (fluorescent) that are designed for 'growing' - they have extra UV and just the right spectrum for plants to flourish....

usually fluorescents / cfls are ok if the plant you grow needs way more light then you should use high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps the amount and type of light should imitate the natural light it is replacing whatever you do dont let heat from the light get to the plants - only light. sufficient distance from it to the lamps / ballasts is ok and you can use a fan if you grow stuff you dont want to be easy to find there are few concerns related to the light system as well. use google or contact me on messenger if needed