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What is the best knex ball machine????? Answered

1. project FREEFALL (thunderbay)
2. temple of demise (tornado96)
3. project blaster (tornado96)
4. davinch (wanny)
5. ballatron (knex gun builder)
6. shake (mr, muggle)

please vote only once. I will count up votes when there are 18 votes.


I think all ball machines are the best in their own way.Better than knex guns!No offence to knex gunners.

Can we only choose out of these six?  Because my top 10 favorite ball machines list doesn't include any of these.

No offense to anyone listed.

I vote for project blaster. Although Davinch was very good for it's size. 

Are we aloud to vote for our own? 

 dude have you seen wipeout or chaos they should definitley be in there

i have (i know there better) but this one is just for the new, smaller ball machines on instructables.