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What is the best knex m4 with removable mag?? Answered

im looking to build an m4 soon, i already built combat knexs m4 and i didnt like it cuz it jammed on me


Check mine out..i just posted it and it's a mod of the El Diablo Assault Rifle. Take a look!!

K'nex Gun Builder's.The Posted version has a slightly different layout, I find K'nex Gun Builder's version more visually appealing, but that may just be me.

Barrax's. Definitely. USE the REPLY button please!

whats the best m4 for wars then?

really none of them no one has mad a great looking and very powerful m4 and use the reply button

If you want an M4 for looks try Motabois. It works fine, and doesn't usually jam, but if you want an M4 for how it works, then go give ironman what you said he wouldn't get, because you don't build replicas for how they work, you build them for looks. Build an ASTR or something if you want works.

dutchwarlords is you want a decent full working m4 but its not to powerfull but it looks nice and it works mota's if you want a very accurate m4

i want an m4 with the carrying handle, i might as well make my own and post it. It will be my first ible

I dunno Ironmans? I know i doesn't look like one though.