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What is the best songs on Guitar for a begginner Answered

What is a easy song?


Are you using acoustic or electric?

Everybody asks can you play "Smoke on the water" Yes (In my sleep) but I would rather slash my wrists ha ha.

Find any song you personally like do a search in google for lyrics and chords for the song.. If it is the wrong key for you I will transpose it for you.

On that note if any member would like a copy of a transposition sheet I wrote some years ago for my students I will be happy to post it here.

Back to guitar....due to the nature of the instrument you will find that "sharp keys" are best suited for guitar...not that you can't play flat keys of course.

when u get real good try basic riffs like day tripper by da beatles or beat it by michael jackson

ye i'm familiar with tab

The first song I ever learned on guitar was Home on the Range :-)

there are 2 ways to play Smoke on the Water. There is an Incorrect way that sounds identical. Play this all on the thickest string: the numbers are what number fret. 0 means you don't play any frets 0,3,5,0,3,6,5,0,3,5,3,0. For the correct way, play the same fret patterns , but on the middle two strings. Play the 2 strings together. You can either use 2 fingers, or you can put 1 finger over both frets. Hope this helps!

a little bit of iron man, smoke on the water, some nirvana songs, those were the first songs i played on my guitar.

thanks i am trying to learn smoke on the water


9 years ago

Smoke On the Water - Deep Purple Iron Man - Black Sabbath