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What is the best vegan, gluten-free comfort food for when you feel nauseated and/or under the weather? ? Answered

Something simple to prepare, since lengthy food prep is always the last thing you want to do when feeling yuck. But also delicious and calming to the digestive system. Oh, and vegan and gluten-free, too.


Ginger tea is also excellent-- just slice off a few coins of fresh gingerroot and steep in boiling-hot water for a few minutes, then sip slowly. Sweeten or not, to your taste. As for how much ginger to how much water, that, too, is a matter of taste. When I was dealing with morning sickness, back in the olden days (I'm 67, lol) it was the only thing that helped--even better than ginger ale!


8 years ago

Ginger helps when someone who is gluten sensitive eats something contaminated with gluten. Make sure your miso does not contain barley or soy sauce.

My best and easiest gluten free comfort is home made cornstarch pudding. I use the recipe from The Betty Crocker Cook Book but this is about the same
It's good hot but best chilled for a while. yum.  Also Kozy Shack makes a great pudding. I love the tapioca.

It's really hard to be gluten free in a wheat world.

Oh, you have to try miso soup! I think the reason it rescues a sick stomach is that the live active probiotics in it, along with the fermented nature of it, restore the gut. And ,making it is as easy as "instant" gets: just add hot water!

My hubby reluctantly tried it once, and now requests it when he feels sick, and my mother, who hates "strange" food, had to admit that for a sick stomach, it helped her when nothing else would.

Just heat a cup of water as for tea, either from the kettle or microwave the cup, then, add a spoonful of miso paste (it can be traditional soy miso, or chickpea or other soy-free miso, it all works) to the sub-boiling water (boiling ruins taste as well as benefits) and smear it around with the spoon til it dissolves, or to make it easier, dissolve the paste with a smaller amount of water in a little cup first, then pour the thick slurry into your bowl of hot water.
Then you can add or not add anything else like mushroom, seaweed, meat or egg, shaved bonito dried fish or Hondashi (though Hondashi is high in MSG for those concerned about that)... or enjoy it just plain and simple. I think you'll agree it is about the easiest thing on the stomach that there is, and that it helps.

Oh yes, for gluten-free, just read the label. Some miso uses only rice and soybean or rice and chickpea. Others have barley in them so you have to see which one is which. But gluten-free miso is simply a matter of making sure that it is purely rice and whatever legume they used.

Ginger for the nausea, then eat what you normally would.

I just wanted to point out that Barley is NOT gluten free. Just before anyone gets sick off it. Buckwheat is something else and its allowed. Buckwheat noodles with a light stir fry are quite nice if you aren't feeling up to much.


9 years ago

I'm a big fan of really basic onion and/or carrot soup when sick. Fresh ginger is supposed to help with nausea, so I'd add a bit of that to my soup as well.

Oh look, I've got Instructables up on these already! Here's Ginger Carrot Soup, and here's Onion Soup. Both are gluten-free, and can easily be made vegan through proper choice of bullion cubes/stock. Not much prep work, and they make your kitchen nice and humid while cooking down.


9 years ago

When I'm not feeling well, I fix a big crockpot of split pea soup. Just put in a bag of split peas, 6-8 cups of water, about half a bag of baby carrots. If you're up to it, add some chopped potatoes (peeled or not--your preference). I also make rice in my rice cooker (something you should have if you are a gluten-free vegan!) to go with it, but you could also go with gluten-free crackers. Then you're all set for several days. You can just have bananas, soy yogurt, etc. for other meals.

Try the apple cider vinegar solution. Equal parts of the vinegar and a sweetener you like (I use maple syrup for this), about one tablespoon each. Add pure water, from four to eight ounces, to taste. Give it 20 minutes to see if you experience a change in your "under the weather" disposition. Oh, and find something to smile about. No kidding, smile muscles help change one's outlook and that's not bad. ;>)

I can recomend a banana. If you are starving, have it with a slice of gluten free crisp-bread. Spread 1 tsp almond butter on the bread , slice the banana on top of it and mash a little. Sprincle with cinnimon. Delightful with a soy latte! If you want more food, cook some barley (bookwheat), spice with salt and pepper. Cut 1 chickenbreast into pieces, fry it with red pepper powder and basil and stir under the cooked barley. Have the almondbanana for dessert.

Find a source of candied ginger (I think it's usually vegan, but double check) and stock up. Ginger is very soothing on the stomach and when nauseated, and the sweet part is the comforting bit. And once you have it there is no need for preparation, just take a few bits out of you bulk jar, curl up on the sofa or a comfy chair and nibble. Obviously this only works if you like ginger. Lol.

How about a nice chocolate pudding made with cocoa, cornstarch, soy milk, sugar, and vanilla?

There are tons of gluten-free recipes on the web. Many of these, for instance, could be made vegan with a few substitutions.

Another suggestion- if you aren't feeling up to lengthy food preparation, why not get the pain over with all at once? Cook a batch of stew large enough for the rest of the week. It will greatly reduce the amount of time and money you spend per serving.

I'd gnaw on a cinnamon stick, not that anyone else would probably want to.