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What is the best way to clean out a coffee maker? Answered

I recently bought a Coffee/expresso maker for my girlfriend from Goodwill for Christmas. It's super cool and professional looking but it's kinda dirty inside. Normally when I'd wanna clean something, I'd run like barsol or laquer-thinner through it because I love high powered solvents, but I also would prefer not to kill my girlfriend. Anyone know of anything I can run through a coffeemaker that isn't toxic but kills germs? They make coffee maker cleaner, but it doesn't seem like it'd kill germs.

I was thinking vinegar.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Before I had even scrolled down I was thinking of vinegar! Run through a 50-50 solution once;-twice if necessary.

Then twice with water. Then taste-water again to check for any residual acidity. 

The other solution would be to put dishwasher solution through it??

A thorough flushing through rinse is essential. 


Thanks! That sounds like a plan. Hopefully my girl will like it once it's clean!

Thanks for my best answer!

We have Goodwill here in Oz! Op shops (opportunity shops..,  so named for getting a bargain I guess!), are a treasure trove of absolute bargains!

I have a high quality mouli grater that I got for $4 Aus. It needed a good clean, and got it. As new now, and very handy.

If you can get yours cleaned up, you're on a winner!!

Persevere btw;-it will come good!

All the best!


8 years ago

Fergit the bleach, it'll permanantly flavor the plastic parts.  If the vinegar doesn't work to your liking use a solution of baking soda or even scrub all removeable parts with baking soda just like you would use scrubbing powder on a tub or sink.  baking soda disolves coffee and tea residue with ease, I use it all the time.   DO be sure to rinse very well then rinse again to be sure, cause it'll sorta take the flavor from the coffee the first time if you leave any in.   it's weird.  I think it must counteract the acids in the coffee.  LOL 

My coffee maker suggest vinegar.  If it's real dirty i'd also send some bleach solution thru it then wash it out real good.

Simply use hot water.

Water over 60°C will kill most bacteria.

Use water as hot as you can bear (wear rubber gloves) and scrub at the stains with a stiff-bristled brush or abrasive sponge.