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What is the best way to cut a complex design into sterling silver? Answered

I am making a gift for my sisters for Christmas, and I what I want to make is a circular pendant with the white tree of Gondor inside(for those of you not familiar with said tree, it is very complex, google it for further clarification) I want to get it cut out of sterling silver because: it is shiny,won't tarnish,is white(ish) like the tree, and is cheaper than platinum. But I can't seem to find a place that can do that kind of cutting. And though I grieve it, there is not a Techshop anywhere around (I live in Los Angeles) does anyone know of a way that can I make such cuts?


You can do it. Buy a silver disc of a suitable size.

Print out your design at a suitable size

Glue onto the silver I use print stick paper glue slow a day to dry.

You can:
Impress te design with a punch and hammer . Make the pinch end flateven a nail will work silver is over soft. Go over the design.

You ca buy a jewellers saw and a few blades your going to break them and cut away sections of the design.

You can buy a dremmel and engrave the design through the paper.

There are lots of options if you think about it and look around the web a bit.

If I were to do this for someone I would be looking to charge 10 bbl per hour plus material costs + 50%

Example. Silver and gold ring retailing for 280 pounds cost 48 pounds in materials to make

Thank you so much! I already have a lot if those tools, so I think I'll do that, but does anyone know an online retailer that sells silver discs?

I have had a look at the image and think Repouss would be an ideal way to do this.

This isn't difficult and with care easily within the skills of an amateur.

Flatten and round the end of a punch or nail slightly with a file and use that to impress the design through the paper print.

Have you seen the work of Mrballeng? Especially the way he embedded the pattern into this project?

Look for an independent jewelry maker, or even a metal worker that is willing to work with you. Perhaps you make the design in jewellers wax, and they create the mold to pour the silver into to make the pendant. (Then it just needs to be polished). If they like the design (and can reuse it for more pieces) they may be willing to do this for less cost in labor. (An actual jewelry store will be much harder to work with).


5 years ago

Any silver smith and some jewelers know how to take a flat silver plate 
and use a small hand saw to cut a pretty pattern out of the material.

You are a little late to engage a master silver smith they are probaably
working on many Xmas projects.

You might try casting a pretty trinket yourself.