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What is the best way to get your own design on a blank t-shirt? Answered

A couple friends and I are hoping to make hand-made t-shirts for our band, I am not really fond of the photo transfer paper route. Is there any long-lasting, creative ways of getting our own designs on a blank shirt?


If you are going to make shirts to sell to fans, the cheapest way is to silk screen. a lot of sign shops can do this for you. There are kits to silk screen your own. There is a new kit that they sell at Michaels crafts stores, looks interesting. 

Start with a dark shirt, and go with stencils and bleach, such as this or this.

(General results for bleach)

AHH i love doing that :D it looks so awesome! one time i took a shirt and made a stencil and then sprayed bleach all over it and all my friends were like where did you get that? and i proudly told them i made it :) 

wax resist then dye ? AKA Batik

Take a look at the stuff over to the right under "Related".

Silk screen can be done at home on a limited basis but you have to know what you're doing.

I"ve used spray paint and custom cut stencils a few time.  They look fine for a couple of washings then start to fade.