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What is the best way to have two computer set ups in the same room without wasting space? Answered

I'm moving in a week and I have my computer and my fiancee's computer in the office and we both need new desks.  I want something that is durable and can withstand the hours of gaming that it will endure.  As of now I don't have any tools or construction experience or time to build it.  What is a good solution for saving space, and looking good?  Side note: it'd be great if there was a glass top where the keyboard and mouse pulled out...


Do you have a floor plan?  The most floor-space-conserving way would be to use shelves and go as vertical as possible.  IKEA Hacker has some good ideas that don't require a lot of money or construction time.

Glasstop + pull-out keyboard and mouse might be out of the question unless you've got some big bucks to spend or you're willing to delve further into construction.

My SO and I share an office/work room with 2 desktops, but it's built in and I'll probably post an Instructable on it.  However!  Before that we've shared a smaller room with 2 modified corner desks.

8 years ago

For my workshop PC, I have two, two-drawer file cabinets on top of which I have a six foot long formica countertop that I bought off the shelf at Home Depot. I later added a lap drawer, I got at Staple's,  in the knee space.
A dual set up similar to that with a rack in between to hold the towers, printer and other peripherals  for both PCs, seems about as space economical as I can think of.

We used to have exactly the same setup, except instead of the countertop it was just a piece of 3/4" plywood with two 2x4's screwed to it to reinforce, and a keyboard tray instead of the lap drawer.
Now we have a really cool bookshelf/desk combo from Ikea, kinda like Red suggested looking into.

For our family computer space we went to Habitat for Humanity re-sale store and picked up a sturdy kitchen table ($30), just a 4 legged harvest style, which ended up using very little space as towers and printers are on the floor under and we all have plenty of work space. It even has room for other projects when we move the lap tops out of the way.   I also found an ultra comfortable chair at H for H which I must fight for on a continuing basis (my son is getting big and my girls can charm me out of anything!)